We begin where you are, which simply means, we focus on the current sensation and body awareness as a guide to how we work together…

Awakening to the aliveness of your being through the art of Tantric Touch

Tantric Touch

The power of touch can be a tool for you to experience far more pleasure in your life and develop more connection and intimacy within your relationships.

Conscious tantric based touch can allow you to fully connect into your body as you receive touch that deeply nourishes you given from a heart space place of loving touch.

Tantric Touch

By becoming present into touch and bringing your awareness to touch it is possible to raise the capacity of your bodies ability to feel and experience as you expand the amount of pleasure you can feel.

Conscious tantric touch sessions can help with all of the above. I offer conscious tantric touch sessions in Yorkshire from my cosy and welcoming home where my temple space is. Through using the principals of
conscious touch it is possible to change how your body understands pleasure. By learning to drop into your intuition and really listen to the messages your body provides

She of the benefits of receiving pleasurable conscious touches that it has the potential to realign your body through the tease of Nero chemicals start surging to your brain these chemical include serotonin, oxtoxycin. It is through the resale of the neuro chemicals that your brain has the potential to realign the bodies internal messaging system to increase functional capacity.

It is the very unfortunate case that many people in todays world are starved of touch. With touch being one of our primal needs it is a fundamental need in humans. Touch was one of the very first senses we delay as a baby and our needs to be caressed stem from this. Conscious touch can have such a lasting impact on us as humans and a simple hug or caress change really change our moods as well as allowing our need to connect with others to be met

When our touch needs are not been met this can effect our self affirmations of loving kindness we show to ourselves, our sleep not to mention missing on on the pleasurable aspects of life which are brought through conscious touch.

Through conscious touch we have the potential to reach the implicit memories our bodies hold. Implicit memories are the memories that are stored in our bodies that we haven words for that can be released
through healing conscious touch. In order to access these memories it can be very difficult in talk based therapies as there is no memory what happened. The body keeps the score works on the principal of working
from body up rather than mind down.

By using somatic based touch therapies we can work together to unwind impact memory life traumas and in doing so open our bodies t greater capacity to feel pleasure as blockages are removed and the body is

To receive a conscious touch session of somatic therapy which does include tantric massage is a profound way of given our selves permission to self love and also facilitates tasing the bar on the amount of
pleasure your body is able to feel.

Where the body reminds tend follows and through conscious touch massage such as tantric massage and kahuna bodywork allows a deeper and more fulfilled healing than talk based therapies.

It is also not just about healing that’s comes from within it is also about pleasure and by giving ourselves the permission to be in pleasure we are sending positive reaffirming messages to ourselves of our self worth and self loving that is allowed and basic right of human life that we all tend to forget about.

There are many benefits of receiving conscious touch through tantric massage or kahuna body work such as increasing the need of receiving one way touch for yourself without the need to give back. Developing better
relationships with our intimate partner / partners due to improved communication as to the type of touch they would like to receive. Establishing better boundaries and being able to develop boundaries within relationships and allowing relationships to grow and flourish through being able to communicate boundaries.

There are many benefits of receiving conscious loving touch sessions and many different ways in which we can work together. I very much look forward chatting with you and discovering how we can work together.


Awakening your Inner Essence - Tantric Massage Yorkshire, Kahuna Body work and somatic embodied learning

I work from home in a specifically set up temple space which is private, homely, warm, inviting and comfortable.

Depending on the session there is either a futon mattress on the floor for Tantric massage and floor work or a massage table for Sexological body work sessions, Lomi Lomi massage, erotic massage and Bondage Massage. I have shower facilities and you are welcome to take a shower afterwards and every session is followed by herbal tea and snack.