We begin where you are, which simply means, we focus on the current sensation and body awareness as a guide to how we work together…

Exploring Kahuna bodywork and Lomi Lomi massage in Huddersfield, Yorkshire to rebalance and realign the body mind and soul

Kahuna Bodywork

Kahuna Bodywork Huddersfield Yorkshire and Northumbria

Kahuna Bodywork is very different to any other massage and a is totally unique from of massage

Kahuna bodywork is a therapeutic massage technique based on the teachings of the ancient Hawaiian Kahunas. Huna is the philosophy behind the ancient Hawaiian temple style bodywork known as Kahuna Bodywork or Lomi Lomi.

Kahuna massage is sacred and beautiful style of healing which aims to integrate physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of the human into balance and harmony. It’s a very vigorous and rhythmic style of massage which creates a deeply relaxed feeling in the recipient. Kahuna Bodywork is a holistic natural therapy designed to bring healing to the body, mind and spirit.

The focus of this massage is on the sensual not the sexual and helps you to rebalance and connect to your sensual self. Ka huna uses the bodies energy systems and is a powerful form of healing that affects people differently. In the days following a massage, you may experience muscle soreness, stiffness; you might experience a range of emotions as various energies are still shifting, this can be perfectly normal.

Kahuna Bodywork uses sensitivity, and the strokes flow with the path of least resistance to provide a space for you to experience healing and well being for yourself. With the aid of posture, leverage and motion, I perform the bodywork like a script or dance. Allowing space for you to expand your being and regain harmonious balance and awareness within yourself.

The session takes place on a massage table and rhythmical strokes are applied with chi (energy). When you receive a Kahuna bodywork session you get the benefits of physical pain relief and relaxation as well as a deeper realignment of emotional, mental and spiritual levels.

Kahuna Body work sessions include, yet is not limited to

Receiving the beautiful Kahuna Massage

Receiving conscious touch

Setting intentions

Awakening your aliveness of your being

Exploration of the 7 principal of Huna

I recommend 2 hours for the Kahuna bodywork

Kahuna Bodywork and Ritual

Immerse yourself just a little bit more into the magic of Kahuna Body. The invitation is to allow yourself to indulge in a 3 - 4 hour session exploring one or two of the beautiful rituals followed by a Kahuna Body work session.

Letting go Ho’oponopono meditation

Exploring the power of the Chakras

Exploring Breath work

Mindfullness Mediation

I recommend 3 - 4 hours for the Kahuna Bodywork and Rituals

How to make a booking with Awakening Your Inner Essence Kahuna Bodywork in Yorkshire 

For more information if what a Kahuna bodywork massage look like with awakening your inner essence please read my blog which is linked below
What does a Kahuna bodywork massage session look like with awakening your inner essence?

How can Kahuna Bodywork help me?

Kahuna Bodywork is great for:

Rejuventaing you when you are feeling physically drained and tired or emotionally saturated

Times of change in your life such as births, relationship, new beginnings, letting go of the old. It supports you through these changes and allows for more harmonious transitions

  • If you are feeling stuck and need to seek a new direction
  • If you need nurturing with loving conscious touch
  • If you want to receive a sensual massage other energies in your body not just the sexual energy.
  • If you want to rebalance your body and mind
  • If you wish to open your mind to creativity brought from a place of calm

The 7 fundamental principles of Huna are:

  • IKE – The world is what you think it is - Be aware
  • KALA – There are no limits, everything is possible - Be Free
  • MAKIA – Energy flows where attention goes - Be Focused
  • MANAWA – Now is the moment of power - Be Here
  • ALOHA – To love is to be happy with - Be Happy
  • MANA – All power comes from within - Be Confident
  • PONO - Effectiveness is the measure of truth - be positive

I work from home in a specifically set up temple space which is private, homely, warm, inviting and comfortable.

Depending on the session there is either a futon mattress on the floor for Tantric massage and floor work or a massage table for Sexological body work sessions, Lomi Lomi massage, erotic massage and Bondage Massage. I have shower facilities and you are welcome to take a shower afterwards and every session is followed by herbal tea and snack.