We begin where you are, which simply means, we focus on the current sensation and body awareness as a guide to how we work together…

Kahuna massage in Yorkshire, Huddersfield, Leeds and Bradford

What does a Kahuna Massage with awakening your inner essence look like?

Aloha and welcome to discover the magic of kahuna bodywork and massage 

The Kahuna Massage session takes place at my home in Huddersfield a discreet property with ample parking. The kahuna massage will take in my peaceful therapy room which is clean, quiet and relaxing. There will be soft music and candle lighting the room with the room filled with a sensual aroma of blended essential oils on a burner.

Sessions are a minimum of 90 minutes or longer and the fees and options can be found on my fees page which is linked here. (fees and options)

When you arrive for your kahuna massage you will be greeted my myself. We will sit down and have a brief chat about the reasons you are here, your lifestyle that you wish to share with me and this is the opportunity to cover any medical issues that you feel I need to be aware of. I am happy to answer any questions and have a book to hand with my certificates, insurance and The Association of Somatic and Integrated Sexologists (ASIS) membership in which you are very welcome to take a browse through. I will give a brief history of myself and this is also when you will pay the outstanding balance for the kahuna massage.

You will be offered an option of a shower and I will bring a towel and a sarong for you to change into after the shower. You will then move into my therapy room and we will sit together in a place of calm and relaxation, letting go of agenda and expectations. It is at this time that you will set an intention for the kahuna massage and we will talk about your personal boundaries and I will cover my boundaries.

I will share some simple tantric breath work practices and mediation practices, or you may have your own. The breathwork and mediation will guide you into a deeper sense of relaxation and allow you to receive more fully.

We will then move into the Kahuna Massage.

You will then be invited disrobe so you are naked and lie face-down on the massage table and take a few deep breaths to relax and call in your intention for the kahuna massage. I will drape the sarong to cover your intimate areas. To start the kahuna massage I start by massaging your back and entire body with natural almond oil infused with essential oils, allowing you to relax into the touch and start to receive deeply. As I am trained in energy work the focus of the massage is to open up the body to sensation and awareness allowing the energy to flow more freely through the body. This will include some subtle body energy work and you will notice that I use my breath throughout the kahuna massage. At some point I will invite you to turn over and I will continue the kahuna massage with the front of your body.

A few words about Kahuna Massage

Kahuna massage is a deeply relaxing and honouring massage that will relax your body mind and soul. It is about awakening your body to a state of aliveness and deliciousness while bringing a deep sense of relaxation. Kahuna massage is sensual but not sexual and does not include any genital touch. The thing about kahuna massage which is unique and sets it apart from any other massage is that is uses under body techniques which are simply delicious.

Kahuna massage uses long flowing rhythmic strokes from head to toe and is a perfect way to bring the body mind and souls in unison. Creating deep relaxation and allowing the body to open to and receive fully and allowing creativity to flow in.

Kahuna massage is an art of a dance between two souls and has the capacity to allow you to fully let go and surrender to sensation and fully receiving. People often ask me what the kahuna massage is like and the only ay to experience it is to experience it as it is esoteric so there are no words to describe how ti feels to receive the gift of a kahuna massage

Kahnua massage is one way sensual touch from me to you but does not include any genital touch and your genitals will remain covered through the draping of the sarong during the massage.

During the Kahuna you only need to receive and breathe being fully in the present moment. I will introduce some breathing techniques and visualisations to help you expand into the experience more

Throughout the Kahuna massage I will be just in a short sleeved top and shirt skirt or leggings. I need to be able to move comfortably and freely around the body to give the massage.

To complete the massage I will leave you for 5 to 10 minutes to lie quietly to integrate the experience. When I return you will have a little time to ask any questions and discus the next steps. You will be offered a shower before you leave.

Some potential benefits of regular kahuna massage are; deep relaxation, letting go and releasing what is held in your body, balancing the body, mind and soul, muscle relaxation and pain relief, moving water retention around the stomach area, giving yourself the gift of being pampered and looked after for a while and the benefit to the body, mind and soul of receiving conscious touch. There are also many other benefits that could be mentioned but I am happy to discuss during our session together.

Kahuna massage has the potential to be a life changing experience and often is a catalyst for movement into a more fulfilled and conscious way of being. Each kahuna massage session is different as we will be moving and following where the energy is in any one moment which means there is no set agenda for the kahuna massage like you see in remedial massages

If you would like to book a kahuna massage and experience for yourself the esoteric magic that kahuna massage offers then please do get in touch my contact details are here. (contact details)

I am available 10am – 10pm weekdays and advance booking is recommended as I do get booked up quickly. From 1stNovember 2020 I am changing my working hours so some weekend sessions will be available after then. If you woud like my advance booking availability just drop me a line and I will happily send it for you.

Any questions please do feel free to get in touch by sending an email or booking a discovery call.

Before you come to your kahuna massage session

Please refrain from smoking, eating a spicy or heavy meal, taking drugs or drinking alcohol.

I will not invite anyone under the influence of drugs or alcohol into my personal or therapy space.

A polite reminder that kahuna massage is a one way touch from me to you and you will remain in full receiving mode, accepting the gift of receiving. As part of receiving a kahuna massage there will no two way touch, kissing, oral sex or sexual intercourse during a session. I also do not take any requests to dress in a certain way. My dress usually consists of a short sleeve top and leggings or a skirt which I remain in for the session.


It is very powerful just to receive, let go and surrender to what is. Please do not push boundaries and spoil the session by being dishonourable as I will terminate any sessions where I do feel you are not receiving the full benefit of conscious receiving.


What does a Kahuna Massage with awakening your inner essence look like?

I work from home in a specifically set up temple space which is private, homely, warm, inviting and comfortable.

Depending on the session there is either a futon mattress on the floor for Tantric massage and floor work or a massage table for Sexological body work sessions, Lomi Lomi massage, erotic massage and Bondage Massage. I have shower facilities and you are welcome to take a shower afterwards and every session is followed by herbal tea and snack.